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Vertex Race - 2023 - Gp of France - 20th May 2023 - Villars Sous Ecot



Vertex Pistons Riders On Top !!!

First position in the MXGP class 
Jeremy Seewer with
Monster Yamaha MxGP

Second position in the MXGP class 
Romain Febvre with
Kawasaki Racing MxGP


First position in the Mx2 class with
Thibault Benistant with
Monstar Energy Yamaha Factory Mx2


Second position for
Janis Reisulis in Euro Mx 125,
  continues to hold the Red Plate
with MJC Yamaha Official 


Second position for
Kiara Fontanesi in WMX,
   with GasGas Mx Fonta Racing 

Jago Geerts  #
Monster Energy
Yamaha Factory Mx2
1st Mx2 Championship