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NewsLetter Vertex Race - 14th August 2022 - MxGp Finland - Hyvinkaa



16th Round of MxGP 2022
World Championship
Gp Finland - Hyvinkaa

Anotehr Amazing racing weekend

1st 2nd 3rd in MxGp Yamaha
1st EuroMx 125cc



1st Gleen Coldenhoff- Yamaha
2nd Jeremy Seewer - Yamaha
3rd Maxime Renaux - Yamaha


 Full Podium for
Monster Factory Yamaha
in Finland



1st place for
Gleen Coldenhoff with 
Monster Factory Yamaha


2nd place for
Jeremy Seewer with 
Monster Factory Yamaha


3rd place for
Maxime Renaux with 
Monster Factory Yamaha

Tim Gajser with Honda HRC.
2022 MxGp World Champion

Jago Geerts wins the GP and consolidates its leadership in the MX2 championship
with Yamaha Factory Mx2


Ivano Van Epr wins,
3rd Karlis Reisulis,
with MJC Yamaha